Waiting for someone else to come up with my 25 fails!

Hi-ya! I’m really having a hard time with the first Q of 25 fails/goals for my impossible goal (Signing up for certification in April, getting certified, landing my first 4 paying clients and kicking ass). I had a really good session in my coaching session today where it came up that I am sitting around waiting for someone else to save me and come up with these fails and I am not trusting myself to do it on my own. Would love some feedback on my models. because while I can come up with some good new thoughts that I can believe and make me feel more at ease, when I move to the action line I still feel lost! I feel like I need a bridge thought to help me get there but I am having a hard time coming up with one! Thank you!!

C: 25 fails
T: I can’t come up with the first 25 fails because I have never been in the industry and I truly don’t know what kind of fails/goals can help me achieve my impossible goal!
F: Stuck. Powerless
A: Inaction. Having to process this for a while. Buffering and not doing models on this and instead watching Brooke and Scholar videos.
R: Nada! Staying in the same place

New Model:
C: 25 fails
T: I don’t know what I have to do in order to be a successful coach but I am going to make it up and it will work!
F: Ease, confidence, excitement
A: Finally coming up with these 25 fails and begin to test them out
R: Moving forward

Another potential model:

T: Everyone gets there in a different way so even though I have never become a coach before, I will have to pave my way on my own just like everyone else.
F: Curious, interested, active.
A: Working harder to brainstorm with more ideas that feel right and more risky to add to my list
R: Stay in the game and stay moving forward.

I still doesn’t feel 100% but def. closer to the direction I want to go in…