I may have an opportunity at work to sell stock options and potentially make $250,000.

I’ve been meaning to quit my job, and now that this is an option I’m thinking some new thoughts about this circumstance, like – I should stay just a little longer to get this payout.

I think I’m giving the circumstance of $250,000 a lot of power. I think my life will be better (not by a huge amount, but by a good amount) if I stay, wait, and get $250,000, than if I leave without waiting for it to get resolved. (I can see from this description I don’t fully believe it’ll happen.)

The time horizon for this happening isn’t really clear.

“The time horizon for this happening isn’t really clear.” → Is this just a thought? I caught it because I’ve been practicing being in possibility for the $250,000 thing happening in June and this sentence feels off.

Here’s a small mini-model for that:
C: Colleague said “it’s possible there’ll be an opportunity to sell stock this year, likely in the next two months”
T: The time horizon for this happening isn’t really clear.
F: Uncertain
A: Try to think of ways to find more information out (but I also interrupt this particular action), try to plan out my life in various different time frames to see how it would work out
R: (what’s the result?)

What I’d like to feel is ease about this.

I want to stay for a while longer at work while this gets sorted out and I’m able to sell my stock options. And I want to feel ease as I work.

I’m trying to motivate myself with pressure (“just a little longer”) and it’s making me feel like I can do it, but it will be hard.

Here are some easy thoughts I tried:

  • I can have a good time while at work (don’t super believe this)
  • This is probably going to happen (exciting/eager)
  • I can manage my mind while I’m here
  • I can create time to do whatever I like while I’m working (I almost believe this, this one is really good, would love this)
  • Work doesn’t control my mood
  • Work doesn’t control my time
  • I can handle anything that comes up… I can handle anything that comes up and also manage my mind about it

Would love to hear your thoughts.