Waking up at the time I set PT 2

It’s not that I think I have to feel a certain way before I can get up in the morning. That was more me trouble shooting why the action isn’t happening, despite the thoughts being there. The only thing between them is the F, so I thought I’d explore that.

I agree that feelings of committed and determined can be enough. But I’m still not getting up with them. I’m also getting enough sleep (9h-9h15). I got to bed at 9 to wake up at 6:15.

Every morning my brain offers me thoughts of:
– It’s still dark out
– I’m still sleepy
– I’m still tired
– It’s early
-It’s too late now to go for the morning walk anyway

I say back:
Yes, these are just thoughts and not the truth. And:
-I have my own sun (sunrise alarm clock)
-I’m tired and sleepy, and that’s ok. I can get up anyway
-Early is relative
-I can start my day now
-The most important thing is following my calendar as planned
-I really do want to get up because of X,Y,Z

But I’m still sleeping in. The thoughts are going, but my body isn’t. What else can I explore?