Waking Up & Negativity…

Why is it that when I wake up in the morning, my brain immediately goes to “What’s wrong?”. It’s almost like I’m still back in the cave, waking up, with my brain asking itself to remember where we last saw predators outside the cave, in order to start each morning from a baseline of “safe”. Every morning, I wake up – and my brain searches its databanks for where all of the problems are in my life and says “Hey, just so you’re aware of the danger out there, all these 17 things are wrong in your life. You’re welcome.”

Question: When you recognize that’s how the brain is working, do you (A) work on waking up positively. Meaning – You try to think positive thoughts as you wake up – like “Oh brain. I’m onto you. You’re just trying to see where the danger is. But we’re okay, today. All is well. Yes, I have projects to work on and thoughts to model – but there are no tigers ready to pounce.” OR do you (B) put “Brain wakes up in survival mode” in the C line – and just know the brain is going to wake up, looking for danger, and just ask “What am I making that mean?” and then work the model that way. Meaning – My C might be “Brain wakes up looking for danger” and my T could be “My brain wakes up in survival mode and that’s okay. Once we’re awake, I get to actively choose what I want to think, feel, and do each day.”

Just wondering which is “right” or maybe there is no “right” – but one may be more helpful than another. Any thoughts? Thanks!