Waking Up Thoughts

I am really struggling with waking up on time. My thoughts are:

“This is much more comfortable than getting up.”
“I am in pain.”
“I deserve more sleep.”
“I need more sleep, or else my body wouldn’t be in pain.”
“I’ll get up when I start on the clock, to make money.” (referring to full time job not business)

This is all fascinating because my mornings are for me and taking care of myself. I have a business and feel so much better about spending more of the day working when I get up for my morning routine. Yet, when I wake up my thoughts seem so true. I am in a daze and it all seems so true.

I want to think, ” I am excited for day,” and just hop up because I love every aspect of my day. Right now that thought doesn’t feel true, or else I would be doing it.

I don’t know how to bridge those thoughts when I am in such a loopy daze in the morning. My thoughts just either run rampant, usually when I am in physical discomfort OR I have a blank mind and can hop up, because I slept well and don’t have physical discomfort or fogginess.

How do I show up when I have the fogginess and pain?