Walking & weight loss mode while adapted

Hello beautiful,
I am watching some of the stop overeating videos. You say when you are fat adapted your body is either in building mode or depleting mode. When we are trying to lose weight we are in depleting mode and therefore trying to put on muscle at the same time isn’t really possible while we are depleting/losing weight. Paraphrased accurately I hope.

I am wanting to lose weight and am about to embark on beginning a protocol and getting myself through the river of misery to being fat adapted. However, I’d also like to start walking [most] every evening for about 20 minutes for two reasons: it’s a great form of exercise for fibromyalgia and exercise is the best treatment for fibromyalgia (which I have not been doing at all) and secondly for the sheer pleasure of walking amongst Dallas’ uber expensive, old & beautiful neighborhoods-which is great for building my capacity to dream more and start to believe in a bigger and better life ahead-free of pain and self-limiting beliefs.

When you say don’t exercise while you are in weight loss mode and wait until you are at your goal weight and then exercise, are you including all forms of exercise in that statement, including walking, or only muscle building forms of exercise such as strength training? Under my circumstances, where walking regularly is helpful for the pain response, would you think it is ok and hopefully won’t be competing with the weight loss/depletion goal? Or would you still advise against it?

Hope you are getting all settled in and adoring your new home and neighborhood. Thanks lady!