Walking Without Podcasts

Last week I went for a power walk and two minutes into the walk my iPod stopped working. It shut down completely for some reason. I planned to do this walk while listening to a podcast as I always do and suddenly I realized that continue walking only with the thoughts in my brain was intolerable.
I walked five more minutes and almost run back home, just to put something on my ears and tune out.

Then I realized that I never once allowed myself to walk with my own thoughts because they were always negative. They always said something critical on my shape, on my fitness level, on how it’s too humid, on how I am not where I should be in my business.
And listening to podcasts seemed useful, seemed like, ‘Hey, look at me, I am exercising AND learning something new…’ but the moment that iPod did not work, I realized I did not like what I was hearing and I only masked it all this time with the podcast host words, while underneath my thoughts stayed unchanged.

Does it mean that the overall result is negative for me? Like when you say, take that thing out of your life and then you will see what is your life without it?