Want a third child

Hi Brooke. I may need to seek live coaching or tutoring on this, but here goes. The Ts on this just keep coming and coming and coming and building on each otber with the same F, A and R following. Do I just do a million models on it until I exhaust all my Ts? Also I can’t really think of an intentional model or resolution on this subject because I just want the C to change. Heh.

C: I want a third child, my husband does not.
T: I’m sad that he doesn’t want another baby.
F: Sad, resentful, disempowered, disappointed.
A: Grumpy, resentful
R: Don’t show up for my two children or my husband

T: We could totally do it; I wish he believed this, too.

T: Sad that we’re not wealthier (he says it’s partially a money issue, but also energy, space and time to give them).

T: Resentful that we don’t have any family to help us with childcare or money.

T: I am getting old and need to have another one in the next two years (max), or my window will be closed

T: He doesnt think I’m capable.

T: Guilty for wanting more than I am already blessed with. Also, overpopulation.

T: Why can’t he see the joy in the chaos.

and on and on.