I want to change my thoughts

Hi Brooke
I want to change my thoughts – “not good enough,” “not fast enough,” “not organized enough” “why haven’t I figured this out yet” and make my mind a kinder place. I want to do it today. I have had enough of not being enough in my mind – it is all me against me.

I am ashamed to say that I am 21 pounds heavier today than in January. I try and get the upside – apparently I had more learning to do! I am back to morning thought models, I can get excited and write about future me and see her clearly, my protocol is pretty clean.

And yet, I am repeating the same negative thoughts day after day. I know those are the thoughts that I am choosing to have. To rid my brain of this habitual thinking – is it a matter of constantly interrupting old thought patterns when they pop up? If I am working on my school stuff, they pop up about 50 times a morning…

I loved how you said to the person thinking of going vegan – try it for 3 months. And I think, why don’t I try thinking I am awesome thoughts for 3 months. I like it and yet, I have such a heavy resistance, a voice that goes “Ya, but…”

Thank you for your wisdom!