Want to feel in love with husband

Last night, on Valentines Day, my husband told me he was still in love with me but felt that I was not in love with him. He asked me point blank if I was in love with him and I froze. The truth is I love him dearly but I have never felt “in love” with him. He is my very best friend and an amazing husband and father. We are very compatible and rarely fight. He encourages me to be myself, take risks and I feel adored by him. I knew in picking him that I would have a good life with a good man but, if I’m honest, I have always wanted to feel more. I’m scared because there is a lot at stake – we have two young children and a rich life together but I know he deserves to have someone adore him the way he adores me. I’m scared because I don’t know if I can manifest those feelings even though I want to. For me, love has always felt chemical and magical, something that just happens. My question is: Is it possible to use thought work to will myself into feeling in love with my husband in the way we are both yearning for me to feel?