I want to be a life coach

Hi Brooke!

I was personally coached by a life coach trained in The Life Coach School and it was the best experience. I soak up all of your words like a sponge! Releasing those around me from controlling my emotions, not needing to make everyone in my family happy – it’s life changing work!
Here are my thoughts regarding enrolling in your school.
I’m a stay at home mom of four kids. I can totally do this. But I’m impatient. I want it all right now, I must go to your school in September. It’s expensive. We are moving and spent a ton of money on a new house. If I really wanted to go, I’d figure out a way to make the money. Waiting until next year will be more responsible.

I guess my main fear is missing out. I feel like waiting until next year is the smartest decision and that I can really apply the work I’m doing in SCC to my life until then. I have just started a meal prep website and am posting about my journey of limiting flour and sugar in my family’s diet. So I have work to do for sure! But then I listen to you and feel so inspired – the all or nothing mentality kicks back in and I feel like I can’t be successful unless I go to your school.

I’d like some thoughts to help me be patient, yet motivated to take action. Thank you!!