Do I want to lose weight?

I’m trying to figure out if I want to lose weight or not. When I started SCS 6 months ago, I joined because I wanted to feel better and I really wanted to have more energy. I knew that the two things that would most improve my energy and well being are mind management and weight loss. I couldn’t decide at first whether to set a WL goal, or just a goal to do SCS. I finally decided to set a WL goal and use mind management to achieve it (learning mind management along the way). I really proud of my progress in the mind management portion, having followed along with the monthly topics and assignments. Amazing.

I have not lost a significant amount of weight, however. Even though my eating habits have improved, I don’t think I will be able to lose weight until I am completely off sugar and flour for awhile. But every time I have tried to go off, at some point during the sugar withdrawal process I decided that feeling better in the moment is more important to me than sticking to protocol.

I have tried out several different compelling reasons that I thought were good, but none of them have helped me get all the way through the river of misery yet. This leads me to question whether I really want to lose weight or not.

What are your suggestions for me at this point?

Should I spend more time exploring my reasons for wanting to stay the same weight? Do you have some questions to help me figure out what those reasons are?

How can I help myself want something that I know is good for me?

Thanks for all you do.