I want to make $50k coaching, can we brainstorm how?

Hi Brooke!

I’ve DECIDED that I’m going to pay off $50,000 in debt by December 31, 2017 by offering my life coaching services. It’s as good as done. But I’d love some help from you.

Last year, I gave up trying to do coaching because I wasn’t getting any clients. I was all over social media (facebook and instagram), blogging on my website and trying to build my list through running free challenges but it didn’t translate into any clients. I got really frustrated and decided coaching wasn’t for me.

But, through you’re coaching, I’ve realized that my perceived “failure” was just information and that rather than quitting, I should simply pivot and not stop until I have what I want. So many people say that social media is the ONLY way to go (which I know is not true), plus I know you are not on social media and you have built a mega successful coaching business. So how did you get people’s eyeballs on your work?

When you’re starting out (I’m considering today Day 1!), how do you get people to find you and start to get to know, like and trust you if you are not relying solely on social media? I feel like I’m just yelling into the ether and people cannot find me in all the noise of the internet amongst all the other people doing similar work.

It’s June 28 and I’m starting today, am I being unrealistic that I want to earn $50k doing coaching on the side (I have a full time job as well).

Thanks so much!