Want match

In my loving relationship, texting is important for me. I like to have loving conversations with my boyfriend. Since we are also dating long distance, I want to atleast talk to him at night and be loving towards him.

That’s something I wanted in a relationship. I wanted to be with someone who also wants to be with me and who also wants to talk to me as I much I do towards him.

But this is what is happening:
1) He doesn’t want to talk to me.
2) He doesn’t talk to me like we used to.
3) He ignores my texts.
4) He never asked to video call or have a phone conversation.
5) I make requests to talk to him, but he doesn’t say yes most of the time.
6) He has never said love you to me nicely.

I just feel so devasted right now. I have told him soo many times (more than 50) that I want to text, that I miss him so much, that I want to talk to him. I tell him how that is important to me and I want to talk. But he just ignores the conversation. He just acts like he doesn’t care about it at all. He dismisses the conversation and talks about something else. He goes offline. He says he has something else to do.

I get so emotionally hurt because he ignores all of this even when I am so sad and crying for hours because I want to talk to him.

I told him that it makes me sad and that I cry, he still doesn’t do anything about it.

I feel so devasted and heartbroken and been crying for 4 hours straight.

Idk what to do with our relationship. I really wanted to be with him. I really wanted to be with a guy who loves me just as much as I do.

I don’t think I have a manual for him. But I did wish to have a relationship where we both had same interests and he loved me as much I did towards him.

Idk what to do with our relationship. I don’t want to breakup either because I do like other areas about him.

But I do want to be with someone who wants the relationship to work as much I did.

What do I do with this.