Want Match : Sexual Intimacy

I have been working on creating connections to fulfill my relationship needs. I was drawn to this new expansion of my relationship circle when my partner and I both started to feel like we weren’t able to “be there” for each other fully, and realized it was because we were both asking each other to be everything. For the most part, it has been helping me a lot!

One thing coming up is that our desires for sexual intimacy are no longer a match. This year my partner was diagnosed with Depression and his sex drive has gone down. We used to be intimate almost daily, and in 2020 we had sex 6 times. We have chosen monogamy and yet I am unfulfilled and unsatisfied in the physical connection area of our relationship. With most of my relationship desires I could simply seek another relationship that could fill that need, but in this case it doesn’t feel like an option for me to seek another sexual partner as I don’t want to break that commitment we’ve made.

This feels like an exception to the “create another relationship to solve for this desire” idea. Is this just something I have to make a decision not to prioritize in my life any longer? What do you do when you can’t have something that you want because it is dependent on another person’s participation?

Any help on this would be wonderful!