Want Mismatch For Shared Responsibility

I am a new mom and working on starting my own business. My husband and I both suffer from chronic health problems so we were nervous about our ability to always be there for her, but I assured him one of us would always feel good enough to step up. Since having the baby though I care for her 99.9% of the time she’s not in daycare. I have asked him to do more and it is met with anger. I see I have a manual for how he should be a dad and don’t want to force him to do what he doesn’t want to.

Outside of this, there are millions of things I love about him so I would never want to leave him. When she’s in daycare, I’m trying to start a business and keep the house clean and organized and get a minute for myself. And still waking up multiple times a night with the baby and spending every night and weekend keeping her happy. I worry that if I keep pushing myself so hard my chronic health problem will flare-up.