What I want to do before picking a niche

I bought a domain and started a blog last year. I’ve spent a fair amount of time overwhelming about my niche, and posted several questions on that topic. I realized today that I feel anxious to pick a niche because I want to hurry up and start solving people’s problems. And the reason I’m in a hurry to solve their problems is because I’m craving VALIDATION. 🙂

What would I want to do if I didn’t need that validation? I would still want to serve people. I would want to serve people by showing up as myself and contributing in my own way. Showing up as myself requires being vulnerable and honest. That’s scary. So, I think instead of doing the scary thing, I’ve been creating a distraction by overwhelming about my niche.

Now I want to do the scary thing: Blog honestly and just for myself. I know there are people out there that would find value in what I have to say, it’s just a matter of finding them. But first, I want to find my own voice.

Would love to hear your thoughts. How did you balance finding your own voice with targeting a specific group and trying to help them solve their problems?