How do I want to show up today?

This has been the biggest revelation today! I just put a load of laundry in for my daughter who just graduated from high school and moves out in August.

She’s out with her boyfriend tonight and rather than have a pity party because she’s not here with me I celebrated tonthink that I’m happy that she has friends who care about her. Then I felt at peace and decided to wash her clothes!!

And when I listened to the podcast about being a good mate I cried when you talked about soft landings. Last September my college-age son called me to say his van (our van) had been towed on campus. He drove home after work and parked in a lot because there were no spots the street due to a home football game. The van wasn’t there the next morning. When he called me to delivery the news he started to cry. He felt so bad and was so sorry he had to call to tell me this. I feel proud of my thoughts, feelings, and actions in the moment. In short I created a soft landing for him. I told him he was more important than a hunk of metal and that all will be well. Things like this happen. My husband got some cash, went to pick son up at college, and they got the car out of the impound lot. It broke my heart when I hear him so upset on the phone.

I think the reason I cried during the podcast was that I know we are all capable of delivering soft landings. And the idea of giving and receiving one is the best thought in the world. 🌎 (And sometimes we need to deliver a soft landing for ourselves.)

Thanks for all you do. Because of you and SCS I vow to ask myself everyday, “How do I want to show up today?” Love is always the answer. Thank you kind Brooke!