Want to stop feeling like a failure and victim

I am 29 and have felt the clock racing to be successful in my industry since I was a child.
I am not as successful as I always “knew I was destined to be”.
I am disappointed my life didn’t turn out like I wanted and I have believed this victim story for a decade….and want to be rid of it!
My unhealthy core beliefs around this are that I “should” be more successful, because I want it so bad, because I have worked so hard, and because God owes me success because I am helping people in my industry.
Sometimes, I do get into a great mental place where I am truly grateful for the success I do have and then I feel awesome. (the model at work!)
Other times I am hit with extreme disappointment that life didn’t turn out the way I always “knew in my heart” that it would. Then I feel like a failure and victim again.
How can I get over this unhealthy belief that life owes me success in exchange for my hard work and passion?
How can I feel good about the success I have, even while wanting so much more?
This truly feels like a deeper-than-usual belief, as I’ve had it since I was a child. Feeling like I got the short end of the stick has become a part of my identity, which I hate. I want to feel free.
Thank you so much for your help!