Want to Feel Committed and Determined

I want to take massive action towards my goal and I think if I feel committed or determined I would take action and create the result.

My current thought is I don’t need to take massive action or it’s okay to skip days or that I can just slow down. I have plenty of time. It’s okay if I don’t create the result. My life is perfectly fine. I don’t have to do massive work.

But I also do want to work because I want to make money to afford coaching. But I really don’t feel driven or determined. I really don’t mind when I skip days, procrastinate, do little work.

My fear is that if I show up like this I won’t be able to make money in the timeframe that I have and that I have to cancel coaching.But again I really don’t feel driven to create the result I want.

I do want to create the result but it’s like yeah my life is already fine right now. I don’t have to hustle so much. But other part is I want to make money to continue paying for coaching, continue making investments in business.