Want to help sister

I am doing all I can to keep calm and steady for my family right now. I feel like I am doing this well thanks to SCS. A current circumstance has me thinking thoughts that are giving me the jitters. My sister is in IL and I am in AZ. She is reaching out via text to family members because even before this corona crisis, she and her husband and son were facing eviction. Now they are nearly out of food, and the food bank closed due to the virus. I feel terrified for her. I want to send money to help. Experience has shown that anytime we send money, it doesn’t help the situation, their financial troubles continue, it has been this way for decades. My siblings here in AZ do not want to send money, not because they can’t but for the reason above. But I have a very hard time having what I have, knowing that she and her family are suffering, and not sending anything. Sending enough to make a difference and avoid the eviction would put my own family’s finances under strain. I know my husband would not allow it and I don’t blame him, I won’t even ask that of him. I am going in circles.