Want to love my husband

Hi Coaches,
I have been working on my relationship with my husband. I started from a place of disgust, anger, and feeling trapped. I’ve mostly moved out of those feelings, so there has been some progress. Now, I feel like I don’t have any feelings for him at all and I judge myself for it.

For example, was watching a movie last night where something happened to the husband character and the wife was upset. My thought at the time was, “I don’t think I’d even care.” And I feel bad about that. Not just because he’s my husband and father of my children but because he’s a human being. I feel like I have more love and empathy for strangers than I do for him. And that thought makes me feel bad about myself.

I’m trying this bridge thought: I want to love my husband. Any other suggestions? I guess I need to let go of the self-judgment since that isn’t really helping. Thanks for your help.