Want to

Where does “want to” fit in the model?

I’m working on an intentional model, and I want to feel like “i want to” – but that’s not really a feeling right?

Could desire be the feeling? But not like sexual desire, just the desire to do something? Having a hard time finding the feeling, or putting it in to words… not getting good synonyms from an internet search as “want to” is more of a phrase…

I’m trying to grasp the model for the times in my life I’ve wanted to or felt like doing something organically, and in this example, it’s writing.

Maybe it’s easier if I try to work out a model as an example

C- goal of writing an ebook
T- it’s going to be awesome once this is done.
F- Like I want to.
A- sit down and write
R- Have a completed ebook

Maybe it actually has to be something like this?

C- Goal of writing an ebook
T- I want to sit down and write as many times as it takes until this ebook is completed
F- Desire
A- sit down and write
R- Have a completed ebook

I like the first model much better but not sure if “like I want to” qualifies as a feeling.