Wanted to share a realization I’ve come to

Hello Everyone!
As I was doing my daily homework, I decided to do a model on why, though I say I want to be one, I hesitate to take any steps to become an entrepreneur. I came across thoughts like “It seems like everyone is becoming one these days, if I do as well, that means there won’t be enough work to go around.” Another thought was “If I become an entrepreneur, I’ll be taking away someone’s work!”. I create the feeling of selfishness with the second thought. For me, it is really important that I do not cause harm to others.
As I was trying to think a more useful thought I came to the realization: If I become an entrepreneur, I’ll be creating a job for myself, which means I no longer have to work for someone else, which creates a job opening for a person who needs it!
Now I feel proud, excited, and motivated, to begin my goals so I can help other people. 🙂
I also feel so compassionate for myself because this whole time I was trying to do good by others. I gave myself a big hug for being so thoughtful and kind.