Wanting a specific job and not being able to get it

I currently stay at home with my kids and I’m so ready to go back to work.

My goal is to work as a Life Coach for the Life Coach School. And I am frustrated because I want to be working now and not waiting until I finish the Applied Coaching track. I am enrolled in March Certification course so finishing the Applied Coaching track is so far down the line for me! I eat and eat. I say yes to all the volunteering and helping friends. I joke with my friends that I really need to stop saying “yes” to all the things that I don’t get paid for 😉 Some of the volunteering I enjoy and some of it I say “yes” to because I’m available to do it. I am just not spending my time in the way that I ultimately want and creating the results I ultimately want.

Since what I want is so specific I am really not open to anything else. And so I feel frustrated.

C Working as a Life Coach
T I want to be working as a Life Coach for LCS and I can’t
F Frustrated
A buffer with food and volunteer commitments
R Not working as a life coach for LCS

Thank you for your help with this!