Wanting And Not Wanting To Do The Work

I recently had my weekly coaching session. We talked a lot about me showing up as not wanting to do the work to figure out how to make a new email mailer program work. I want to switch from one to the other. I’m worried I’m just switching to pretend it will work, when really it’s about not actually wanting to do weekly or monthly emails to build my list and keep my subscribers engaged. I understand now that it’s probably because I don’t feel that I have enough content and value created. Do you recommend we focus on doing more blog posts before working on weekly or monthly emails? I have 5 blog posts up now, and 4 of them are pretty good with useful content. I have a pretty good 3 day welcome sequence written, but after that I didn’t know what to write each week or month. Should I write these all out at once? How can I do a model to get over the stuckness of doing email newsletters? Thanks