Wanting "closure" in the "unfair" – What if 50/50 just doesn’t feel like enough?

I have noticed I have had the thought, “I should have closure” about an “unfair” situation that happened- a situation where I felt like I got screwed/was treated poorly in response to acting in 100% goodwill. I have gotten to the point where I think I can probably let it go… I am just about there. As part of this, I had to admit I actually had bad feelings about it (as opposed to sugarcoating the hurt I felt), admit that the situation is NOT going to turn out how I want, and that life is just crappy sometimes. But the last little part of me just wants to hang on… like maybe, somewhere down the road, I will find something else out and the situation will be “fair” or “worth it” somehow. However, I have no hint of that happening, and I am having trouble letting things just be a crappy result. I know that the answer is probably going to be that “life is 50/50,” but when you pour your heart into something and your heart is so pure, it is just so difficult to believe that the outcome could be unwanted/devastating. I just want to wrap it all up in a bow but can’t figure out how- I guess I feel entitled to wrap it up in a bow before moving on… but I am having trouble, because it is just not happening. And, to be honest, while often a helpful thought, “It was always supposed to happen this way” just feels patronizing for this particular event. Any help, please?