Wanting from a place of abundance

I just listened to episode 24 Money Problems and Brooke talks about wanting things from a place of abundance. I love this idea! She says we’re supposed to write down everything we want in our lives and wanting the things we already have. As I’m doing this, I’m finding that I want things from a place of scarcity (aka making more money). It’s very interesting to see this exercise play out because I was thinking I wanted to earn more money from a place of abundance. I thought my reason for wanting to earn more (i.e. provide for my family, give them better opportunities, grow into the best version of myself) was coming from a place of abundance, but I find that some fear creeps in that maybe I’ll always be struggling and grinding hard to make that kind of money.
What kind of bridge thoughts can I practice here? Also, what are some thoughts that do mean they come from a place of abundance?