Wanting from place of Abundance

Hi I’m exploring the wanting from a place of abundance concept and my brain is struggling a bit. For example one of the first examples on the worksheet is Lexus Convertible which interestingly I have AND I want it. So I grasp this example. But what about having things I really don’t want? This is coming up for me during this exercise. I realize I have many things I don’t actually want anymore. Perhaps this doesn’t apply to the concept of wanting from abundance, but I’m curious if this is just a byproduct doing this work? I listed 25 things and have a mix of items I want AND have and items I want but don’t yet have. When I indicate “items”, I don’t mean material possessions only but listed other things as well such as relationships, health, etc. Would love some coaching on this because I think there is power in grasping and applying this concept! Thanks!