Wanting health for my family

Hi Brooke, so I recently went to my families house for Easter dinner and I am so proud of myself. i didn’t eat any sugar or flour and i stuck to eating only what i really wanted (Stardust bar). I even made a dessert that was fully raw and brought enough for my family to try as well (my joy eat). it was a hit. However my mom, dad and brother are still very addicted to sugar and flour. my dad had a triple bypass surgery for his heart disease and he still is so addicted. He has chose to take these injections to lower his cholesterol and he suffers with low energy and depression. I hate seeing him struggle like this. My mom is sooooo attached to her food and she is overweight as well. She actually made a dig at me on Easter by saying “well at least we know your human” to my boyfriend who decided to have a piece of chocolate cream pie that my mom made. I shrugged it off and had the thought “she doesn’t know any better”.
Anyway, my question is, how do i watch my family make such poor health choices and be OK with it. They are all complaining and hurting with some type of issue. I love them and want to see them live healthy lives. Am i supposed to just practice the thoughts, “its their lives they can do what they want.” Just wondering what other thoughts i can practice to help me through this situation. I don’t want to be judgmental and bossy but sometimes i just want to move back in with the fam for a week or 2 and show them how to eat for their health.

Thank you for all your love and support