Wanting to be very successful – self doubt

I feel I have most of the things that were bothering me about my divorce, at least acutely, are pretty calm now.

I was also struggling with deciding to keep my current job or drop to a more part-time, less intense version, so that I can spend more time with my children, and hopefully on creating my own business – which I think I would like to be coaching.

In order for it to make financial sense (which I need to do at least in the near term with divorce, and want to do overall to live the life I dream of with my girls), I would need to make at least $300-$500K per year as a coach. I know some people have done that, and many (who have done this much longer than I) make less.  So, I’d love to switch my work to life coaching (from MD, administrator, therapist), but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make enough money quickly enough to make it work.  I’m telling myself that the coaches who make a lot are extroverts, like being in the spotlight, and are comfortable putting themselves out on social media.

Prior to this divorce plan, I felt like I could have explored the coaching world, made $50K for a year or so, built up my skills and confidence and been able to decide if I thought I could do it.  Now, with a pending divorce, I feel a lot more pressure to be financially successful, and at times feel I could do it – set an impossible goal – and at other times think “What are you thinking? You are not one of those ‘out there’ people who wants everyone to be watching and seeing you.” And I worry about people judging me, me not doing a good job, etc.