Wanting to celebrate another or people pleasing?

I was asked to plan a girls’ weekend away to celebrate one of my best friend’s upcoming wedding. I was asked to plan with another friend. I am a single mom who has every other weekend with my kids. I wanted to chose a weekend that I don’t have my kids to get away. The only free weekend that works is also my birthday weekend. I have the thought that I want to give her a special weekend and acknowledge and celebrate my birthday, as well. I also have the thought that maybe I am people pleasing by giving up my birthday weekend for another person’s celebration. Another thought is that I matter enough to celebrate. I can celebrate another time. I feel conflicted. I do want to celebrate her. She has overcome many obstacles in this relationship.

C weekend to celebrate my friend is also my birthday weekend
T I want to celebrate her but not forget myself in all of this
F conflicted
A feel afraid that I will be forgotten
R hesitate on making plans

I am not sure how I feel when I think this thought below. A little uncertain but also a little better. I think it is because I have the thought also that I may be people pleasing. Help

C weekend to celebrate my friend is also my birthday weekend
T I can celebrate my birthday another time