wanting to change thought but not ready?

After watching the replay of Brookes coaching which was posted yesterday I was confused. In 2 cases the women wanted to change thoughts and Brooke told them they weren’t ready yet. In one case she said the woman needed compassion for being judgmental before she could let it go. It’s not clear what the process would look like in each of these situations in between awareness of thoughts and change of thoughts, Is there any teaching on this?

Brooke didn’t suggest ladder thoughts- it’s hard when she says “this is your work”- I wish she could tell us more details of how this “work” might go? – I would like to see the work go on for longer so we could learn more about helping a client move further along in her process. Once in a while, it might be good to watch Brooke coach 1 person for the whole time so we get a deeper and longer perspective on how things move