Wanting To Choose Committed As A Feeling For Everything

Hello, I’m experimenting with what feelings create action in me and move me towards my goals. Just became VIP and November has been very impactful for me. I have discovered through the daily work that “excited” does not create action that moves me towards my goals. Committed as a feeling works really well here. “I’m committed to creating $20K of value for my client.” (In my own business) But… I also have other models with committed in it “I’m committed to being a great mom”. And my boss wants me to be committed to her in my part time job as well. Is it possible to choose and use committed too much? Even if, or because, it works so well to motivate me? How do I handle this? Do I get very, very deliberate on what I choose to be committed to at any one time? And what if they clash? ie. being sick at home and my boss wanting me to go to work. Thanks