Wanting to do coaching certification

I have been listening to the Podcasts for at least a year now and joined scholars in January. Brooke really spoke to me and I am SO interested in taking the certification program because I feel it has always been my calling to help people. Something that I feel has got in the way is money( obviously) but I know it will pay off and am willing to make the sacrifice. The other thing I feel getting in the way is education, I have completed my 2 year degree and debated going for my Bachelors. I work in Hospitality and love my job and have made good money thus far but do not feel it is my true calling but that my goal and passion to help people through my life experiences. If I truly want to be a coach and help people, I think the block in my brain is that people would not think I was as qualified to help them if I did not have a 4 year degree versus just a two year degree. I know this is my thought that I am creating and there are ways to to decided within my own mind because it is something I want so bad. This is the model I am working on currently and any feedback is also appreciated. Thank you!

First model I had:
C: I do not have a Bachelors degree
T: People will not think I am qualified if I do not have 4 years of college
F: Not good enough
A: Not move forward with my dream to help people
R: continue to work in Hospitality and not coaching

Model I want to 100 percent believe:

C: I have graduated with an AA
T: My life experience is valuable in helping others
F:I am capable and passionate.
A: Take the certification program
R: Become a certified life coach and love my job