Wantitis of the Brain

All I’ve been thinking about lately is how I want to spend my money. I have a gift card and it’s like I can’t stand to just HAVE it. I want to spend it! It’s like all I’ve been thinking about and it seems like a waste of my brain juice.

I definitely buffer with spending and am working on allowing urges. But there are also some items that I think I do need, like new pants because I’ve gained weight and my current pants are too small. I’m planning 24 hours ahead of time, but I still have a lot of unplanned spending.

I’m also working on identifying my feelings when I spend. I don’t like that I have this new awareness of how much time and effort I am putting into thinking about spending money and shopping. I also feel guilty and shallow about it.

I have debt and my impossible goal is to pay it all off and I know this is part of the journey. Maybe I even want to be a money/overspending coach one day once I figure this out. I guess my question is, am I where I’m supposed to be or can you provide any coaching, please?