War in Ukraine (Stress)

Hi coaches. I recently watched Brooke’s talk on managing our minds through a crisis. I found it very useful. At the moment with what’s happening in Ukraine – and living myself in Europe – I’m finding I am experiencing a high level of stress. I thought it would be helpful to bring today’s model (one on many recently on this topic) to you, for feedback & additional support / ideas.

What I really would like is to simplify things, go back to basics, and see how I can support myself and my family while all this is going on.
Here’s the model from this morning:

C- On the news information about events in Ukraine and Russia
T- There is a threat of nuclear war in which case I won’t be able to protect my son
F- stress, worry, panic, helplessness, trapped
A: overthink, pre-traumatizing myself, ruminate and go around in circles, not allow negative emotions, buffer (eating off plan, twitter in middle of night, too much news in a compulsive way), don’t take my daily walks, don’t play the piano, don’t read books, don’t tidy home as much, overeat and/or eat off plan, don’t do meal plans as regularly as I normally do, argue with husband about NATO, overwork (more hours than I know is good for me)
R: put on weight, don’t sleep well, become exhausted