Washer and Dryer Set

Our washing machine broke this week, so my husband did some research into replacement sets.
He went to our local scratch-and-dent store, and last night he told me that a set would be less than $1,000. I told him I preferred a model in grey but that white would be OK, and that I prefer front-load instead of top-load.

Today, he called me and told me that he’d made the purchase for $1,580. He got a front-load set in white.

I’m feeling resentful that he made that big of a purchase without consulting me. I want to be involved in the decision-making process, and if a set is 50% more than what we’d originally discussed, I want to know about it before he hands over the credit card.

When he called me to tell me he’d made the purchase, I asked what the other options had been. He got short with me and exclaimed that he’ll return the set. I said (snarkily, I’m sure) that that’s not what I needed for him to do; I just wanted to know about the other options. He repeated that he’ll return them and that’s all he said.

Here’s what I’m coming up with for an unintentional model.
C – washing machine set purchased
T – I should have been involved in the decision to spend that much money
F – resentful
A – snarky, talking out of both sides of my mouth in telling him not to bring it back to the store but also that I wanted to know about what the other options were, going over reasons in my head why I’m “right” about this, avoiding conversation with him
R – not connected to husband

I’m struggling to complete my intentional model.
C – washing machine set purchased
T –
F – involved/connected
A –
R – Connection with husband

Any ideas on thoughts I can try that will lead to connection rather than resentment? I don’t want to feel disconnected over something so silly. Thanks!!