Waste – food and money

I’m doing the urge jar program which has been amazing but also intensified the anxiety that I have been buffering with food – until now. I did a thought download to see what is making me so anxious and two things stood out, both of which are connected. Food and money. I cannot stand to waste either and see ANY skerick of food uneaten as money down the drain. I try to plan and prepare all of my families food to avoid buying takeaway (and spending excess money) but my husband often doesn’t take his prepared food and still buys takeaway so it’s like a double waste.

He doesn’t care about food waste and doesn’t think twice about spending money On takeaway, he just wants to eat what he wants in the moment and what is easy. He also won’t make any food for himself so if I don’t make it he’d buy every meal. I also have small kids who are picky and so random in their eating habits so a lot of food is wasted there too. Prior to the urge jar program I’d eat a lot of the scraps and leftovers to ‘use them up’ even if I wasn’t hungry. Now I realize its still wasting it if I’m not actually hungry!

I keep trying to solve the anxiety by trying to reduce the food waste but I realize it’s my thoughts about it, not the actual food waste creating my anxiety.

So how do I stop the thought looping and obsessing about what everyone is/isn’t eating and repurposing every bite of uneaten food!! It’s driving me mad.