"Wasting" time, energy, money

Hi Brooke! This is my second month of scholars and I am becoming aware that I am often thinking about perceived “waste” – for example that a particular task/circumstance is a waste of my time or energy (which brings up anger, frustration), or I am worrying and have indecision about larger purchases as they may be a “waste” of money if they are not as successful as I hope (fear/scarcity/indecision – I had to do a lot of journalling and thought exploring to sign up to Scholars!!).

I am currently working through the Money training which has been really helpful to realize how much I work from scarcity around money, most of which was learnt in childhood. What’s interesting about the waste of time or energy issue is often I’m thinking I could do something “better” with my time or be doing something more meaningful/achieving – but when I do have time available, I’m often buffering, indulging in a non-productive leisure activity such as reading, or procrastinating!!

I’m wondering if I am best to find one overall thought to target my “waste” attitude, or if I should be doing individual models for each area or circumstance that these type of thoughts arises? Any thoughts most welcome. Thanks so much!