Wasting time vs. doing my job – models

Hi there. This is a follow-up to my last tutoring session. Quick background: One year ago, I decided to take on a side job to support myself while continuing to build my coaching business. It was a conscious decision and there are many great things I experience because of it: financial security and structure for myself, very kind colleagues and a good working environment. However, I found myself more often thinking that I’m wasting time there. These are the models I came up with after my tutoring session:

C – side job
T – I’m wasting my time here.
F – frustrated
A – ruminating thoughts about wasting time, dramatizing and wanting to escape/quit, avoiding work and not asking for tasks when idle, avoiding conversations with colleagues about the job
R – not doing my job

C – side job
T – I’m doing my job here.
F – committed
A – honoring my commitment to this job, focusing on my work, asking for tasks when idle, seeking feedback and wanting to improve
R – doing my job

I feel that this intentional model works for me and I’m curious to apply it during my next work shifts.

However, I still wonder …
1) whether “committed” is the most helpful feeling for my intentional model. I feel it might come with a slightly negative connotation of forcing myself to do something, which then creates resistance.
2) whether “side job” is rather thought than circumstance. Considering this job a side job might reinforce that it’s less important to me and I’m wasting time there. On the other hand, this might help me focus on building my business. I’m wondering if I could create a reality where I’m fully committed to both.

Can you share some of your wisdom with me? 🙂
Thank you!