Watch a show by myself

Hi, I’m struggling with this.

So, I’m recently single and I live in Vegas (just moved here 1.5 years ago). There’s a lot of shows I wanna watch. Some of my friends aren’t keen on paying over $100 for a show but I have the money and I want to enjoy my life this year without waiting for a relationship to happen.

So, my thought on this is “I don’t wanna go by myself to the show. I don’t like finding parking, driving and prefer to have my partner drive. I love that feeling of being taken care of when someone else or my partner drives lol”

So, because I think this thought, I feel discouraged or even sad.

So, I’m having a hard time finding a better thought that I can actually believe in.

“I will go by myself and enjoy my own company. I will figure out the parking situation so I know what I’m doing”

Even though I try thinking the above, I am still feeling quite sad of the fact of me going alone that I am choosing the route instead of trying to find other people to go with.

I guess either route is ok with me but I would like to feel happy and comfortable to go out by myself without feeling sad.

Thank you!