Watching my brain spin with what ifs about contact tracing.

Hi I’m feeling my thoughts start to spin out which is causing me to feel anxious, tense, scared, sad. I can’t even remember one thing I’ve been taught here in scholars on how to calm or get a hold of myself. Today here in WA they rolled out contact tracing and have places set up if children need to be removed if parents need to be quarantined. I won’t let this happen! I need to go buy burner phones, I need to start building a bunker for my kids, I need to start stocking up on food if they need to hide away, I need to get the horses hooves trimmed so they can use them to get to my mom if the national guard comes to test us. I am a mess. I pretty much need direction of what I should do…thought downloads? Medication? Mediation? Try kicking my own butt?Move to a new state? Please help.