Watching my Net Worth go down in the Stock Market!

I’m very heavily invested in one stock and about two months ago I was about to sell at a price of $50/share and I didn’t. I thought it would continue to go up because the company hired a new CEO. The stock is now $30/share. With the Coronavirus, I’m having so much anxiety so I’ve run a few models as my first instinct is to sell right away but I don’t want to act from fear. I’ve checked the stock price twice recently and I’ve stopped myself for checking every day, but I know I’m just resisting the urge to look right now.

Here are my models:

C: Stock price is $30/share
T: I did not sell when I should have.
F: Regret
A: Beat myself up, ruminate, paralyze, buffer, give up, lose all hope, stress, my body tightens.
R: I sell myself short.

C: Stock price is $30/share
T: I made my decision with the information I had at the time.
F: Empathy
A: I don’t beat myself up, I look for solutions, I open up to what I know now, I consider new choices ahead.
R: I have my back.

I also run some models on my choices to sell or keep the stocks right now and the option to review my portfolio and rebalance. So I started in the action line, then got to the R and worked my way up to the F and finally the T.

Here is what I came up with:

Action to sell stock
C: Stock price is $30/share
T: I’ve lost so much money in the stock market.
F: Fear
A: Sell stocks, keep cash.
R: I realize my loses.

Action to keep stock:
C: Stock price is $30/share
T: The markets always come back from times like this.
F: Resilient
A: Keep stocks, ride the market, wait, don’t watch financial news, do not look up stock price every day.
R: I believe in the stock market.

C: Stock price is $30/share
T: This may be a good time to review what I own in my portfolio.
F: Inquisitive
A: Rebalance portfolio, sell a percentage of the stocks and diversify by buying others. Then hold long term.
R: I make logical decisions.

I’d love feedback and any suggestions you may have to continue coaching myself on this. I want to believe that the decision I make is the right decision regardless of which one I end up making.

Thank you so much!