Watching the News

Hi everyone, so my thought download this morning consisted of the latest news, which is so depressing and difficult for me to watch! With fires destroying towns and lives, mass murders, politics, etc., it can be a real challenge to find the 50/50 balance, but then I started thinking about all of the support that’s out there, whether it’s people literally risking their lives to help others or offering financial or some other support. I remember years ago, a writer was talking about the Boston marathon bombing and he said, but look at all of those people who ran toward the bomb just to save other people? He was basically suggesting that we focus more on the good that came out of that horror, which I totally agreed with because from there we’re in a better position to help. So, I’m working on a model wondering if it can be improved on:
Unintentional Model
C: watching the news
T: There’s so much tragedy and violence in the world
F: depressed and scared (I know we’re supposed to pick one feeling, but it was hard to choose between the two)
A: avoidance, escape feelings, buffer
R: ultimately focus more on the tragedies because they remain in my head
Intentional Model:
C: watching the news
T: there’s tragedies and violence in the world but there’s also a lot of amazing things happening and I get to choose what to focus on
F: inspired
A: feel all of my feelings, accept life is 50/50 and do my part to make a positive difference in the world
R: focus more on doing good
I feel like my models are a bit lacking. What do you think?
Thank you so much!