Way of BEING

I picked up the book The Last Word On Power. Please add me to the short list of those who loved it. We are a small club but boy, that book’s message transformed me and how I see my impossible goal now.

My impossible goal for 2018 is to write my first novel.

After struggling for five years and buffering with just about anything just not to sit down and write, as soon as I decided to design a game where I will be writing a novel, I am treating the whole To Do actions completely different.

I absolutely agree with you about something in the terminology of the author that just unlocked the resistance in the brain.

I find myself picking up a single book to assist me with learning what do I need to deliver in my genre.
I write everyday B- work just to train myself to show up and try things out.
I am aware of my expertise level at this point but I don’t make it mean anything about my character.

I know that at the end of 2018 I’ll be able to say that regardless of the result of the novel, I dedicated my year to something that was meaningful for me to crack and get good at. And I designed my days around that. It was so worth it.

A new way of BEING.