Ways to Manage My Mind

I am thinking about the different ways I can go about managing my mind.

I can sit down and do a Thought Download to become aware of my thoughts. From there, I can question a thought with curiosity and compassion. I can do a model to become more aware of the result the thought is giving me. Then I can decide if I want to change the thought or not.

If I decide to change the thought, I go about practicing a new thought throughout each day.

Another way to be do thought work is as I am going about my day and notice a negative feeling, I can do a model to see the result that thought is giving me.

If I have done awareness work on it before, I can lovingly redirect my brain by saying something like “Dear Self, that is a thought we used to think but now we are thinking this instead”.

Another option when having a negative thought and feeling is not to focus as much on a specific, new thought really but to step in to the essence of future me at that moment. Thinking, feeling, and acting the way I have decided I want to show up.

Furthermore, setting goals is a great way to proactively direct my mind by telling it what to focus on throughout the day.

I would love to have your thoughts on the above, please. Also, is there anything more that you would include here? I am wanting to get a good grasp on the practical application of managing my mind well.