We don’t need to fix ourselves…an awareness…getting it

Oh my gosh

I just realized that previously I had thought I was supposed to resolve things so that “bad feelings” and painful thoughts would go away.

This included frustration, hurt, anxiety, insecurity, negativity

Feelings weren’t allowed and people were supposed to be happy all the time

Since I wasn’t happy I needed to be “fixed”

But, now, I get that the approach to life is meant to be entirely different

Allow yourself to be a container for all emotions- it is the human condition, all emotions are valid

Learn what you can but don’t dwell and don’t try to fix

Rather, decide who you want to be in the world and create actions which support this

And hold compassion for your human self and for others’ human selves

And, no one else needs to know all the feelings you may be feeling- you do not need to express every feeling or make a deal of it, because it is the human condition to have bunches of feelings

Just decide how you want to think/feel/show up in the world

This can be viewed as the call to evolution – not to act on every thought or emotion but rather to choose the thoughts/emotions/actions


so my go to thought for now is- what thought/feeling do i want in order to create my next result

-i am sure i have any number of reasons to have all these emotions going on (including human condition and phase of the moon) but id rather spend time creating my intentional life and striving to show up as my best self and let these emotions be

-i promise myself i will develop a set of perspectives and philosophies to help me deal with most of life’s challenges

these include: how to handle conflicts with others, such as no manuals, choosing love, things don’t have to be perfect, things can be hard, other people can have whatever thoughts they want, i dont need to always feel good in order to keep moving forward-

and mostly, I will be proud of myself by step by step and moment by moment showing up as my best self. thats all i can do and thats enough