We have to work equally hard 3 (of 3!)

More of an update and thank you:
I finally realized (with a lot of digging) that the answer to ‘so what if you work harder than he does?’ takes me to the belief that I didn’t realize I was still holding from my up-bringing/society etc – that the husband should support the wife/should hold more of the responsibility. I was surprised to realize that this was still an underlying belief for me!
And that it was the ‘responsibility’ aspect that was creating the ‘burden’ for me.
This outdated belief (of my mother haha) was enough to bring out the independent woman in me and want to rebel positively to that message. I feel ready and able to grasp this aspect of my life, embrace it and genuinely (for the first time) feel positive and energized by it, rather than resentful.
Thank you to the Ask a Coaches (and other people’s Qs and As here that have helped also) and my 20min coaches for helping me get to this realization. A big breakthrough for me and example of how the C doesn’t change but my T’s have changed dramatically – and therefore also my F’s and A’s literally immediately.
Love this work. Thank you.