We Take Our Brains With Us – Part II

Thank you for your answer and for offering me to return here with my findings to your coaching question.
Here’s what I found:

When the time arrives for me to write/work on my script, this is what occurs:

At first I feel my body gets tense. My legs are rushed with blood as if my seat is on fire and I want to get up and go for a walk or really, do anything else.
So, I definitely feel it first in the body, though I do know Brooke teaches us there was a thought before that.
I suppose the only “thought” I could hear is my brain saying, “Oh-oh… just not that…”

Only then I am able to listen to what my brain says, I could find more thoughts like these (I added the feelings they cause me):

“I don’t know what to write.” — Feeling uncertain and powerless.

“I am not sure at all about this project.” — Feeling doubtful.

“Maybe we should pick a different script to write.” — Feeling unsure.

“Not sure this idea you came up with a year ago is still relevant now.” — Feeling unsure.

“I can’t focus.” — Feeling heavy-headed.

“I don’t feel like focusing.” — Feeling resistant.

“Better watch another SCS recorded call I missed before anything else.” — Feeling an urge for a relief.

“This fear I have is such a nightmare every single time I want to write.” — Feeling dreadful.

“When will I figure this out already and allow myself to write no matter what?!” — Feeling worry and shame.

I look at these sentences and they feel true. They clearly generate for me true body sensations that I am experiencing, and mostly, they give me a result I don’t want.

Now that I have done this work, what is my next step please?